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Welcome to the Kingdom of Angst! This is a place for art, and RP. So please read through our rules before submitting a Ref Sheet and visit our chats.
You can get to the other chats by seeing them in the topic in the main chat.


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Main Chat: AngstKingdom


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   As it's known, only ones that work under the Queen are allowed residents in the castle, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be explained.

   The castle has a whopping 3 1/2 floors to it. Yes it's small, but for good reason. There's the courtyard, then stone stairs that lead to double doors that lead into the entrance way/waiting area. To the left of the stairs is a two way area, go straight and it's food storage, go right and it's a weapons and armory area for the Guards, and the rest of the Court. On the right of the stairs is another area, turn left and it's the same armory and weapons area, but go straight and it descends into the dungeon.

   The entrance way is wide rectangular with benches lining under the windows. The floor is stained wood, along with the inner wall, while the entry wall is fine stone.

   The throne room is a large square, the floors are marble with beautiful patterns in it. There are three pillars, and again, along the walls are-not so much benches-but small sofas. In front of the wall at the back of the room is a throne fit for an Egyptian Queen. It appears to be gold with soft red padding on the arms, seat and back. Above it is a small balcony with gold railing overlooking the throne room, which can be accessed from the platform of the sleeping quarters and second floor workshop platform. To the left is a staircase leading to sleeping quarters(Which have built in working, modern day bathrooms) ranging from medieval period style, through Victorian, to modern. All up to customization. On the right of the wall is an open hallway that leads to workshops, partially hidden by another staircase leading to the second level of the workshops.

   The door to the right of the throne, near the hallway, leads to the kitchen. At the back of both workshop halls is a less formal kitchen made to hold the residents snacks and look like anyone's normal kitchen.

   The door to the left, partially hidden behind the stairway is a storage area.

   At the end of the hall of sleeping quarters there is another small staircase that leads to a fancy door, and leads into a large living room like area with a coffee table in the middle, a couch, chairs, wonderful set ups. At the front of the room is a large stone balcony hidden behind silk curtains and french doors. The back of the room has a nice window to gaze down into the Portal Garden. Walk straight across the room and there's another door leading up a good sized spiral staircase which ends at a short, light brown, stained wood floored hall, and another fancy, obviously Queen decorated, door. Inside is the Queens sleeping quarters. Her room being the 1/2, because it's basically the attic at the highest point of the castle.

   At the back of the castle is a caged and stoned up garden with bright white portals floating along the walls. There are plants, grass, flowers, a fountain in the middle, and cobble stone walkways. At the end there's a large iron gate, and beyond that is the carved out hole in the inside of the volcano that holds to the weapons, armory and the like, safely secured with a Copper, Iron, and Silver fashioned gate.

Town Districts:

   Ok, so the town is split up into 4 different districts. Looking out from the castle, to the closest left is the Spade district, then above that is the Club district. To the right closest is the Heart district, and above that, the Diamond district. Each district is separated by a large, 4 lane road to give a bit of room between them. In the middle of each one is a good sized park with a fountain in the shape of their card district.

   In the smack dab middle of all the districts is a huge school that teaches Junior High students and up. Anything below that, each district has a school for that.

   Everything is pretty modern in the workings as far as necessities like working water, bathrooms, electricity, fridges, etc. The looks of each cubic area varies, as it started out a tiny medieval town, then grew some Victorian age places and roads, then adapted the more modern look later. So everywhere you look, each house, road, apartment is different from the other. The more medieval places have been renovated to be more Victorian/Modern for the comfort of the residents.  

Yes guys, homeless are a thing, and they could be ANYWHERE.

   In some districts, people form clans, guilds and the like, for Sagi, or to gain something, even mercenaries are present. Some are more severe than others in their duties, some range from saving a cat from a tree, to outright assassination. Anything for a bit of Sagi.


   Spade district, alike it's Club counterpart, were originally made for the low income, poorer people to live, but was also open to anyone who wanted to live there.

   Spade is known as the "Gambler" district. There are a lot of stealing, killings are rare, it's mostly cons trying to get some extra Sagi. Break ins aren't too common, but watch out for fake business salesmen coming up to your door! The people there are usually pretty mischievous, but it's rare for harm to be inflicted unless it's felt necessary.

   Their area's of ownership are a lot smaller, and it's mostly area's to make deals, scams, then go about their day. This place is known to be a sort of ghetto, but less than Club. Get along with them, and 99% of the time, they'll get along or think nothing of you.


   Club district, alike it's counterpart Spade, were originally made for the low income, poorer people to live, but was also open to anyone who wanted to live there.

   Club is known as the "Fight Club" district. People are usually pretty violent there, but peace treatise are established over certain sections, almost like a mafia, but no where near as severe. Merely an expression of how they own their land, but not the people in it.

   Depending on the resident, they might just be looking for a fight, or they might just be touchy, or only fight when they see is fit. Break ins are more common there, and so are murders, but that's mostly over land and job conflicts.

   This place is known for being a ghetto, but get along with them, and 95% they'll get along or think nothing of you.


   Diamond district, the place where the more wealthy usually flock. This place has it's mean people but not all riches are meanies, some are nice, and you don't have to be mansion rich to be here, just be able to announce yourself as a bit wealthy, because to live here, the prices of things are kind of high.

   Diamond isn't known for any specific name, but things fling about from each surrounding district, some good, some bad.


   Heart district, the last of the four districts is a place that isn't entirely specific of who lives there. They basically have whoever doesn't fit anywhere else. They're a more open and accepting environment compared to other area's, but that doesn't make everyone that lives there go by that. Each person in every district as different thoughts, but their known for the majority.

   Usually, they're not poor, but they're not rich, they are what's known to be the "In-between" district to a lot of people.


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